Seeing small-molecule interactions inside cells (ACS Headline Science, Phys.org).
SPPIER: a GFP phase separation-based assay for visualizing small molecule-induced protein-protein association (e.g. IMiDs, PROTACs) and dissociation (e.g. Nutlin) in live cells. (pdf)
Using light to make single cells self-destruct (UCSF News).
miniSOG2: a precision optogenetic tool for cell ablation in animals (pdf)
Infrared Fluorescent Protein 2.0 (pdf)
Probes seeing in the near infrared. Nature Methods (2014)
A genetic reporter for correlated light and electron microscopy
Electron Microscopy: New Type of Genetic Tag Illuminates Life in Never-Before-Seen Detail. ScienceDaily
Infrared Fluorescent Proteins
Deep in the Red: Using Infrared to Watch What Goes On in a Living Body. Scientific American
  "An infrared version of the Nobel Prize-winning green fluorescent protein could make the technique even more powerful". By Bianca Nogrady, May 8, 2009
Infrared Proteins Give Deep View Inside Living Animals. Wired Science












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